Rise & Shine

by Of Stolen Moments

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released October 18, 2014

All music written and performed by Of Stolen Moments

Recorded and mixed by Simon Hodson
Mastered by Jay Maas at Getaway Recording
Art and design by Tom Vandersluys




all rights reserved


Of Stolen Moments Melbourne, Australia

Of Stolen Moments is:

Chris Villella
Ben Skeggs
Josh Walker
Jake Blyth
Simon Hodson


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Track Name: New Heights
All I see is a terrified face staring blindly back at me
Now I really feel the heat, but it still seems so cold
Every day things change
Our lives are filled with challenge, love and heartbreak
There's always a time for you to stand up, live up, and have a life of your own

I'm taking a chance to make a difference in the way that I live my life
For a freedom I can only receive through consistency

I'm doing all I can to reach these new heights,
turning my dreams in to plans
A chance to start a new life

I'm doing all I can to reach these new heights,
turning my dreams in to plans

And I'm so sick of waiting
If only we were free
Track Name: Turning Pages, Letting Go
I quite easily,
grew close to you,
and that's all fine,
I don't mind

I could get used to this,
living my life as a king
But the only thing is, I've been living in a dream

I've always been bad at making my own decisions,
so I'll wait for a sign

Something just give me a sign

I'll latch on,
I'll learn to adapt
I'll carry on with my life and I'll be happy with that

It's probably about time to move on with my life
Instead of running around on the same page

It's time to let go of love
It's time to move on with my life
Track Name: Cherished & Stolen
We're living lost in the dark,
with more than a dream but missing that spark
Believing Isn't hard, It's more about the heart
And what comes from it after it gets torn apart
That's a good thing though, It's called creating art
Something you're proud to say is yours
That you've created from the start

The girls will cry and laugh
You'll have to work hard just to get as far
But you'll always mean the world to someone

So I'll never stop giving it all I've got,
through each rise and fall
Just to say that I've done it all

This is just the start of my dreams,
and the point where I wake up is nowhere to be seen

So happy to say you've been right here with me,
through each moment cherished and stolen
Nothing could mean more to me
Nothing could mean more to me
Track Name: Shine
Everything I regret revolves around me,
and everything I ever said comes back to haunt me

My life is in such a strange place
When I'm on track I end up just running in circles,
and I'm aware, but not nearly enough

A downwards spiral in to isolation, slowly climbing my way out

Rise and shine

I'm more than this,
more than a pile of nothingness
And I know I can see the light, I can reach it, it's so…

Rise and shine

I'm more than this,
more than just unfortunate
And I know I can see the light, I can reach it, it's so bright

This is for my family
With just these words that come to me,
I'm so thankful for how hard you've worked,
and everything you've done for me
For us to be set free
This is from me to you

Just remember,

I'm on a pathway to my best
I just hope you can be proud of this